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Peace elusive, wonder why?

November 20, 2012

Israel once nurtured Hamas as an alternative to the PLO.  Now the John Hageeites, who have sworn fealty to the Bebe bomb bomb man, want to ban Hamas from Twitter.  There are those of us who will persistently seek knowledge and will expose the Taliban emulation of the Israeli tyrants.

American politicians have kowtowed to TelAviv despite its aggressive settlements and its excesses like torpedoes into our USS Liberty.  The long range interests if Israel and the world would be better served by moderation and compromise but Bebe is now up for reelection and serves his root constituency with murderous behavior.  On radical right radio I recently heard a Hageeite preaching the clear choice between “good and evil”.  His listeners of course must’ve soaked it up having been shielded from the facts of decades of offenses against Muslims and Palestinian Christians by Israel and harangued with anti-Palestinian stories.  The U.S. must scold its unruly ally before it is too late.   Those of the John Nelson Darby “faith” may seek to destroy the world precipitously, but many of us want reconciliation and healing.

lessons not learned

June 21, 2009

I keep seeing headlines such as “Republicans Press Obama on Iran” to the effect that we should get more involved in support of the reformers. Maybe they’re pushing him to screw up so they can criticize even more. Our history of interference is part of why we have such a rocky relationship. It is painful to watch the Basij wreck their wrath on the freedom seeking masses, but we must be careful. Perhaps we should send Oliver North to be our sacrifice on their altar of Great Satanism. He could bake a cake.