February 23, 2012

Guns don’t kill !! Third Graders do.


February 23, 2012

Yes, Satan is real and he’s trying to destroy the Earth via candidates funded by big-Energy and rising out of the bowels of Pennsylvania.

Gospel of Pollution

February 21, 2012

Those bought and paid for by the big-energy industry may be expected to preach the message against those who stand for environmental protections. We’ll see how this plays if it reaches the October debates Dirty Rick. The legacies of K Street will haunt you.

Reign of Terror

February 9, 2012

So now Obama is at fault that people are mad as Hell and may resort to the guillotine? That according to Santorum. Isn’t Santorum the guy who was big on K- Street machinations until he backed away after Abramoff was exposed? Isn’t Santorum the one who’s been in the big money pit with the polluting frackers? Isn’t Santorum the one who wants another big war involvement in the Middle East just as the economy is creeping back toward normalcy? Isn’t Santorum the guy who showed no leadership in the Senate and appealed mostly to the visceral issues of guns, abortion and gay rights (the GAG strategy ad infinitum)? Don’t wonder why the 98% may resort to a reign of retribution. It’s guys like Rick


January 22, 2012

It concerns me when the “Pro Life party” votes for a guy (named Newt) who denigrates food programs for children in poverty. It worries me when building up America means building a pipeline of the dirtiest tar ooze through the Madrid earthquake fault line. It is very easy to mock and criticize from a position of candidate. The incumbent must consider repercussions throughout the world. I was aghast when W got reelected to 4 more years, but whom will we put in charge next. The collapse of the economy preceded the incumbent, but his critics want to blame him for it. This convoluted mess will surely be clarified in the debates in the fall — or will it?

Ann Coulter ignores facts

July 6, 2011

So I recently listened to Ann Coulter interviewed on Rush Limbaugh about a book she’s coming out with and she makes a ludicrous statement. She says political violence in this country has always been from the left. She cites the anarchists of a century & more ago. She seems to be oblivious to Timothy McVeigh or to the plots of Hutaree Militia and Francis Schaeffer Cox. It’s scary that she sells so many books propogating erroneous crap.

Westboro hatefulness

March 3, 2011

I have mixed sentiments about the just announced US Supreme Court decision that supports the rights of free speech even the hateful and cruel speech of Westboro Baptist’s inane funeral picketers. I suppose this leaves me free to say most emphatically what I believe: that the Westboro people will be the ones in Hell for their hatefulness and indiscriminant choice of targets. When we speak of sexual love in combination with affection and commitment then we shall not distinguish what sort of body bumps and fluid exchanges and lip locks are involved. Love trumps hatefulness every time. Jesus assured the Roman soldier that his beloved male companion was healed. As the Last Supper was prepared the disciples were sent to find the man carrying water, which a Jewish man would never do unless he had a gender alternatives lifestyle. Deuteronomy 23:1 says a eunuch has no place in the assembly before the Lord; but Phillip found the Ethiopian Eunuch and gave “him” a pronounced place in scripture. The hatefulness of the Westboro people is presumably based on their understanding of Bible, but I believe Christians must look more to the spirit of Jesus’ teaching than to the bigoted traditions of of ancient Mosaic times. It is clear then where the condemnations fall, and they fall on the unforgiving, the hateful, the merciless, the sort of people who bring added anguish to a soldiers’ parents at his burial. I am free to speak. I live in neither Uganda nor Afghanistan. I live in the USA, where Taliban-like-Baptists spew their venom with abandon. God loves them but he loves the Lovers too, and when it comes to judgment, that is left to the Lord.

Selective info

March 3, 2011

I chose to watch ABC this evening for the nightly news. I wondered from the outset if they would mention the slaughter by NATO air strike of eleven boys gathering firewood in Afghanistan. It was an obvious lack of discernment on the part of the NATO personnel and drew an apology from General Petraeus. ABC covered Charlie Sheen but never touched on this episode; leaving the American public ignorant of events that could lead to future outrage against our forces. Too often the US public is clueless as to why we find resentments abroad. Get real media!!!


February 10, 2011

A dictator possesses by nature a great stubbornness. Pride, too, prevents a clear vision.

Suleiman more of same

February 3, 2011

The Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman’s statement this morning (US-Eastern time) evidences that he is not only not taking the reins but that he is determined to perpetuate the inadequacies of the past several decades.   The medieval behavior of the thugs sent in to quell the reformists crowd shows that “restoring order” probably means procrastinate on reform and identify political enemies for retribution.  The treatment of members of the international press was also evidence that free expression is still discouraged.