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Westboro hatefulness

March 3, 2011

I have mixed sentiments about the just announced US Supreme Court decision that supports the rights of free speech even the hateful and cruel speech of Westboro Baptist’s inane funeral picketers. I suppose this leaves me free to say most emphatically what I believe: that the Westboro people will be the ones in Hell for their hatefulness and indiscriminant choice of targets. When we speak of sexual love in combination with affection and commitment then we shall not distinguish what sort of body bumps and fluid exchanges and lip locks are involved. Love trumps hatefulness every time. Jesus assured the Roman soldier that his beloved male companion was healed. As the Last Supper was prepared the disciples were sent to find the man carrying water, which a Jewish man would never do unless he had a gender alternatives lifestyle. Deuteronomy 23:1 says a eunuch has no place in the assembly before the Lord; but Phillip found the Ethiopian Eunuch and gave “him” a pronounced place in scripture. The hatefulness of the Westboro people is presumably based on their understanding of Bible, but I believe Christians must look more to the spirit of Jesus’ teaching than to the bigoted traditions of of ancient Mosaic times. It is clear then where the condemnations fall, and they fall on the unforgiving, the hateful, the merciless, the sort of people who bring added anguish to a soldiers’ parents at his burial. I am free to speak. I live in neither Uganda nor Afghanistan. I live in the USA, where Taliban-like-Baptists spew their venom with abandon. God loves them but he loves the Lovers too, and when it comes to judgment, that is left to the Lord.

Christian Obama

February 3, 2011

CNN asks what it will take to convince the public the President is Christian.  I suggest the public needs to quit being proud of its anti-intellectualism.  An ignorant populace that is misinformed &/or uninformed and in awe of every TV & radio demagogue will persist in believing all this Obama is a Muslim, non-native nonsense.

Censorship is obscene

December 20, 2010

Does free speech allow shouting RAPE in a crowded theater?   The consequent stampede to come watch might cause public harm I suppose.  If I post a bunch of inane garbage in a chat thread (like now) is that against the law in Florida?  What’s up with Florida officials kidnapping an author in another state apparently without due process of extradition?  Will satirist Jonathan Swift be exhumed from his grave and taken to Tallahassee for posthumous trial? I mean, eating human babies?!  Hey arrest that cartoon gingerbread man, he said “eat me”.  I find people getting all disgusted at the drop of a hat totally disgusting!!!!!  Touch my junk and I’ll have you arrested Mr. secure America TSA-man.  Team America F@%# Yeah.


October 10, 2010

In the Jewish oath being debated in Israel, as it is currently worded it is oxymoronic. The juxtaposition of Jewish & democratic doesn’t sync.

true to our principles

August 3, 2010

The principles of democracy and the avowed Christian nature of our society would be well demonstrated with allowing a mosque near Ground Zero in NYC. Freedom of speech, freedom of peaceable assembly, freedom to worship as we please– many have paid dearly for these freedoms. To allow the voices of extremism in our society to drown efforts at moderation and peaceful healing would be to show the world that the extremists who flew the suicide planes have had their way.

step back

January 20, 2010

Looks like the Luddites have taken Massachusetts.  Maybe this is good for the Progressives – a wake up call that passion is still needed.  Going back to battling terrorists with torture, back to flaunting the US Constitution, back to denying human rights abroad and at home, back to enabling an out of control corporate greed, back to a struggle for affordable health care, back to battling the anti-intellectuals, ……. it’s going to be a long winter.   People have to remember what we just escaped.  Short attention spans – these fickle voters.

Cacaphony of Catholic cant

November 12, 2009

The news today focuses on the Catholic diocese of Washington, DC and its threats to cease its charities to locals if DC oks gay marriage and protects gay rights. The position seems to be we reserve the right to refuse compassion to people based upon the way they are born (God created & not aborted, we presume). The obvious politics of this and the ludicrous illogic overwhelms me. Of course, anyone who’s seen the movie The Mission knows callous politics has a long history of eclipsing mercy and justice from the authorities of the church.

Michael Brewer

October 19, 2009

The case of teen Michael Brewer being set ablaze with alcohol and a lighter by acquaintances is one of the more horrendous stories to emerge recently. While there are many wonderful kids there are far too many who seem without humanity. The bizarre games and warped media that seem popular are making our tots into teen monsters. Peer pressure and mob mentality aren’t making a good atmosphere either. Rather than teaching to tests to satisfy NCLB we need to be teaching some basic mores for independent resolve in right living. Rather than denigrating the “snitch” we need to laud the justified whistle-blower. Rather than tolerating the bully and glorifying the macho man we need to be encouraging ostracism of the mean and arrogant. Programs like the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Teaching Tolerance” need to be made prominent.


August 29, 2009

As I watch the Ted kennedy funeral & requiem mass on television the pomp and pageantry elicit for one my age so many previous ceremonies and public mournings. Caroline kennedy now conjures recollection of her as a girl watching her father’s procession.
When I was a young adult the rapid fire chaos of John, Martin & Bobby’s murders shook our national psyche. Fords Theater and Sarajevo, anarchists and lone maniacs – history’s violent icons hovered over us.
Perhaps from my mother’s influence I have had an impulse in my modern-media lifetime to be mesmerized by such events. I watch and share the grief and absorb the commentary. Even today as another kennedy is interred I know that around the world in Iraq Abdel Aziz al-Hakim is being mourned & buried,
I recall how amazed I was in 1970 to see the TV tower 360 degree scan of endless humanity at Gamal Abdel Nasser’s funeral. My memories include the smoking bier of Nehru, Winston Churchill’s coffin borne on a barge down the Thames, the eulogies to many U.S. Presidents delivered in the grandeur of the National Cathedral in D.C., the palpable outpouring of affection & pandemic pathos at Princess Diana’s passing, the bagpipes at King Hussein’s funeral……..
Every precious soul deserves a moment of salute, yet many die in obscurity and neglect. Some die at such an old age few friends or kin remain. Some disappear in dark alleys of crime. Tsunamis and earthquakes take but a moment to destroy whole villages and valleys. The mounds of bones in Cambodia, the ovens at Auschwitz, the mass graves of Leningrad, the sad soil of Sand Creek all testify to human frailty and horrendous indifference toward life.
So let us then be thankful for our opportunities to honor our dead, whatever their cause of death, whatever their triumphs or troubles in life. Whether it be at the ghats of Varanasi or the grasses of Arlington, let us pause in reverence to our God and our ancestors, our heroes and our brothers, our sisters and our neighbors.

Too bad Tiny Tim; you’re screwed

August 11, 2009

I would agree with anyone saying there must be meticulous study and preparation for a health care reform plan. There should be a fair and practical compromise. Those with adequate care should not lose out as we cover the needs of the neglected. But cover those needs we must !!
Watching the rant and rave of the forums I’m beginning to feel a bit like Emile Henry, ready to put a fire under the smug elite who would ignore the plight of the poor. While Lazarus lies at the rich man’s gate it seems to be the comfortable borgeoisie that objects to progress and change.
Like Scrooge before his night of epiphany the “teabaggers” would leave Tiny Tim to his horrid fate. Too bad that people go bankrupt to have needed surgery. Too bad that care is postponed waiting and waiting for a better financial day. Too bad that elders sacrifice half a dose or a mid day meal because their prescriptions are unaffordable.
I admit to a dearth of knowledge on math & buget issues, but I know the suffering I’ve seen amongst friends and neighbors. I know that in this nation, presumably a great nation based upon humane & scriptural values, we should be able to provide for the health needs of all. We should not look like a Dickensian society with our children pathetically reaching out for “more, please” while CHIPS is debated. With modern medicine a myriad of miracles we should not have the same people who cry “principles” on a pro-Life platform seeking to relegate the needy to suffering and death in the name of “tax burden”.
A program is needed. The selfish shouters are not helping hasten anything except a sad legacy in the archives of history.