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GOP choices

September 9, 2013

Looks like the GOP and its talking heads will be displaying their “He did too little” placards rather than their “He went too far” ones.  God Bless our President.

Suleiman more of same

February 3, 2011

The Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman’s statement this morning (US-Eastern time) evidences that he is not only not taking the reins but that he is determined to perpetuate the inadequacies of the past several decades.   The medieval behavior of the thugs sent in to quell the reformists crowd shows that “restoring order” probably means procrastinate on reform and identify political enemies for retribution.  The treatment of members of the international press was also evidence that free expression is still discouraged.

Christian Obama

February 3, 2011

CNN asks what it will take to convince the public the President is Christian.  I suggest the public needs to quit being proud of its anti-intellectualism.  An ignorant populace that is misinformed &/or uninformed and in awe of every TV & radio demagogue will persist in believing all this Obama is a Muslim, non-native nonsense.

Russia not ready

November 9, 2010

Russia’s not ready to claim a secure place among democratic nations until it shows it will not tolerate the violence against journalists that has raised any ugly presence the past couple days. The abhorrent behavior must be investigated by the authorities and punished severely to show that a free press is a treasure. Business & political corruption are  present in the U.S. too and in many corners of the world, but a press that can expose and freely discuss the corruption is essential.

Faces of Death

September 4, 2009

I have led a sheltered life. I have never been in the military except mandatory ROTC. I avoid horror movies. I’ve never been a hunter. But I support showing the bloodshed of war more publicly. A family who has suffered loss is a concern, but making the obscenities of war clear to our people is also a concern. It is my understanding that U.S. journalism, both in terms of nudity/sex and in terms of bloodshed and news realities, has long been sanitized compared to i.e. the European press. Perhaps we would be less inclined to support a falsely premised war in Iraq or a dictatorship in Central America if we saw the consequences clearly, graphically & indeed horrendously.