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GOP choices

September 9, 2013

Looks like the GOP and its talking heads will be displaying their “He did too little” placards rather than their “He went too far” ones.  God Bless our President.

Reign of Terror

February 9, 2012

So now Obama is at fault that people are mad as Hell and may resort to the guillotine? That according to Santorum. Isn’t Santorum the guy who was big on K- Street machinations until he backed away after Abramoff was exposed? Isn’t Santorum the one who’s been in the big money pit with the polluting frackers? Isn’t Santorum the one who wants another big war involvement in the Middle East just as the economy is creeping back toward normalcy? Isn’t Santorum the guy who showed no leadership in the Senate and appealed mostly to the visceral issues of guns, abortion and gay rights (the GAG strategy ad infinitum)? Don’t wonder why the 98% may resort to a reign of retribution. It’s guys like Rick


January 22, 2012

It concerns me when the “Pro Life party” votes for a guy (named Newt) who denigrates food programs for children in poverty. It worries me when building up America means building a pipeline of the dirtiest tar ooze through the Madrid earthquake fault line. It is very easy to mock and criticize from a position of candidate. The incumbent must consider repercussions throughout the world. I was aghast when W got reelected to 4 more years, but whom will we put in charge next. The collapse of the economy preceded the incumbent, but his critics want to blame him for it. This convoluted mess will surely be clarified in the debates in the fall — or will it?

Ann Coulter ignores facts

July 6, 2011

So I recently listened to Ann Coulter interviewed on Rush Limbaugh about a book she’s coming out with and she makes a ludicrous statement. She says political violence in this country has always been from the left. She cites the anarchists of a century & more ago. She seems to be oblivious to Timothy McVeigh or to the plots of Hutaree Militia and Francis Schaeffer Cox. It’s scary that she sells so many books propogating erroneous crap.

Christian Obama

February 3, 2011

CNN asks what it will take to convince the public the President is Christian.  I suggest the public needs to quit being proud of its anti-intellectualism.  An ignorant populace that is misinformed &/or uninformed and in awe of every TV & radio demagogue will persist in believing all this Obama is a Muslim, non-native nonsense.


November 25, 2010

Tom DeLay gets some comeuppance. Justice is served.

just say no

November 4, 2010

So Mitch McConnell’s first announcement is not let’s work to salvage the economy, or let’s work together to help the electorate — NO, it’s let’s play obstructive politics. How astute (not); how statesman like (not).

Bracing for gridlock

November 3, 2010

The election results, especially in my county, were disappointing and alarming. Even locally candidates were running against Barack Obama. I think the FOX propaganda that somehow he was responsible for the economic and military mess he inherited was accepted by the Dixiecrats aka GOP and way too many Independents. Racism has played a role.
On the national stage I believe many Progressives were astonished that with a 60 percent edge in the Senate more advancements weren’t made. The Blue Dog interference just wasn’t factored into the Hope & Change ambitions. The result was impassivity in 2010.
And, after a generation of people using visceral hateful rhetoric under the guise of “Christian family values” I am sick of the so called culture wars. I don’t recognize the screw-the-poor and show-no-mercy Jesus these people seem to proclaim.


October 10, 2010

In the Jewish oath being debated in Israel, as it is currently worded it is oxymoronic. The juxtaposition of Jewish & democratic doesn’t sync.


September 7, 2010

There is talk that the GOP, if in legislative control after the 2010 elections, will try to repeal Accessible Healthcare. This will invite veto from the President countered by denial of funding for the government in general. The naysayers seem determined to take us (the USA) to Dickensian conditions. Will they bring back the coverage gap in the Medicare prescription drug benefit, which the current plan gradually closes? Will they put the escalating insurance controlled inflation in health costs on the backs of future generations? Will they deny CHIPS so that our nation falls into the third-world category of infant health? Maybe a victory for the GOP will exhibit their sinister goals enough to ensure a return to sanity by 2012; but with the national mindset being a bought-and-paid-for brainwashing by the Murdoch media, maybe not.