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Censorship is obscene

December 20, 2010

Does free speech allow shouting RAPE in a crowded theater?   The consequent stampede to come watch might cause public harm I suppose.  If I post a bunch of inane garbage in a chat thread (like now) is that against the law in Florida?  What’s up with Florida officials kidnapping an author in another state apparently without due process of extradition?  Will satirist Jonathan Swift be exhumed from his grave and taken to Tallahassee for posthumous trial? I mean, eating human babies?!  Hey arrest that cartoon gingerbread man, he said “eat me”.  I find people getting all disgusted at the drop of a hat totally disgusting!!!!!  Touch my junk and I’ll have you arrested Mr. secure America TSA-man.  Team America F@%# Yeah.


November 25, 2010

Tom DeLay gets some comeuppance. Justice is served.