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September 7, 2010

There is talk that the GOP, if in legislative control after the 2010 elections, will try to repeal Accessible Healthcare. This will invite veto from the President countered by denial of funding for the government in general. The naysayers seem determined to take us (the USA) to Dickensian conditions. Will they bring back the coverage gap in the Medicare prescription drug benefit, which the current plan gradually closes? Will they put the escalating insurance controlled inflation in health costs on the backs of future generations? Will they deny CHIPS so that our nation falls into the third-world category of infant health? Maybe a victory for the GOP will exhibit their sinister goals enough to ensure a return to sanity by 2012; but with the national mindset being a bought-and-paid-for brainwashing by the Murdoch media, maybe not.

Too bad Tiny Tim; you’re screwed

August 11, 2009

I would agree with anyone saying there must be meticulous study and preparation for a health care reform plan. There should be a fair and practical compromise. Those with adequate care should not lose out as we cover the needs of the neglected. But cover those needs we must !!
Watching the rant and rave of the forums I’m beginning to feel a bit like Emile Henry, ready to put a fire under the smug elite who would ignore the plight of the poor. While Lazarus lies at the rich man’s gate it seems to be the comfortable borgeoisie that objects to progress and change.
Like Scrooge before his night of epiphany the “teabaggers” would leave Tiny Tim to his horrid fate. Too bad that people go bankrupt to have needed surgery. Too bad that care is postponed waiting and waiting for a better financial day. Too bad that elders sacrifice half a dose or a mid day meal because their prescriptions are unaffordable.
I admit to a dearth of knowledge on math & buget issues, but I know the suffering I’ve seen amongst friends and neighbors. I know that in this nation, presumably a great nation based upon humane & scriptural values, we should be able to provide for the health needs of all. We should not look like a Dickensian society with our children pathetically reaching out for “more, please” while CHIPS is debated. With modern medicine a myriad of miracles we should not have the same people who cry “principles” on a pro-Life platform seeking to relegate the needy to suffering and death in the name of “tax burden”.
A program is needed. The selfish shouters are not helping hasten anything except a sad legacy in the archives of history.

Regina Benjamin

July 14, 2009

President Obama would appear to have made a superlatively good choice for the 18th Surgeon General of the U.S. in Regina Benjamin. Her strong social conscience has prompted admirable work in Bayou La Batre in Alabama and time in Honduras. She has a long list of major recognitions and awards.

It would seem she is headed for certain approval to the appointed position except that I have already seen that she is on the hit list of anti-Choice groups. Also she will have to be careful not to do a Joycelyn Elders and speak frankly to the public. We wouldn’t want to protect teens from HIV-AIDS or other STDs now, would we? At least not by mentioning masturbation.

All I can say is – good luck. Your resume looks mighty good to me.