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April 23, 2013

An app promo from MacUpdate has me experimenting.  I have been inactive on WordPress for some time, but this may move me to express myself again.  Preparing my comments in the related Metropolis App.

Christian Obama

February 3, 2011

CNN asks what it will take to convince the public the President is Christian.  I suggest the public needs to quit being proud of its anti-intellectualism.  An ignorant populace that is misinformed &/or uninformed and in awe of every TV & radio demagogue will persist in believing all this Obama is a Muslim, non-native nonsense.

Who needs a Time Machine?

March 7, 2010

From Home Schooling textbooks to political rants the anti-scientific bent of a large segment of the populace is becoming evident. We are on our way back to a Medieval mindset. Future generations may puzzle over how the nation that sent men to the moon could regress so reprehensibly.