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Censorship is obscene

December 20, 2010

Does free speech allow shouting RAPE in a crowded theater?   The consequent stampede to come watch might cause public harm I suppose.  If I post a bunch of inane garbage in a chat thread (like now) is that against the law in Florida?  What’s up with Florida officials kidnapping an author in another state apparently without due process of extradition?  Will satirist Jonathan Swift be exhumed from his grave and taken to Tallahassee for posthumous trial? I mean, eating human babies?!  Hey arrest that cartoon gingerbread man, he said “eat me”.  I find people getting all disgusted at the drop of a hat totally disgusting!!!!!  Touch my junk and I’ll have you arrested Mr. secure America TSA-man.  Team America F@%# Yeah.

Russia not ready

November 9, 2010

Russia’s not ready to claim a secure place among democratic nations until it shows it will not tolerate the violence against journalists that has raised any ugly presence the past couple days. The abhorrent behavior must be investigated by the authorities and punished severely to show that a free press is a treasure. Business & political corruption are  present in the U.S. too and in many corners of the world, but a press that can expose and freely discuss the corruption is essential.

Bill Sparkman

September 27, 2009

United States census worker Bill Sparkman had a reputation as a survivor, having beaten cancer. He was an active volunteer in youth work such as the Boy Scouts and his son’s school projects. But he was found dead, hanging in the woods with the word FED scribbled on his body. Whatever the motives for his murder it is a horrendous crime and needs pursued with vigor by the agencies concerned. Some suggest it is the result of anti-government rhetoric by the extreme conservatives. Some say drug farmers may have been taken by surprise. In any event Clay County Kentucky is under scrutiny.