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GOP choices

September 9, 2013

Looks like the GOP and its talking heads will be displaying their “He did too little” placards rather than their “He went too far” ones.  God Bless our President.

Syrian intervention

September 4, 2013

The issue of punishing the use of Sarin gas in Syria is serious but also a conundrum.  I am pleased the President put the monkey on Congress’ back, for he was targeted for blame whatever direction he chose.  The intelligence is something to which I am not fully privy.  Many question the accuracy of our intel.  The sectarian violence with Kurds, Shia and Sunni and various tribes all involved is complex to extreme.  Many of the rebels may have Al-Queda ties. But Assad and his family have a history of viciously tamping down any opposition.  The government claims the evidence and circumstances clearly point to the regime’s guilt.  I will leave it to the Congressional groups to judge the accuracy of the intel.  Certainly our allies in the region desire action.  Both Israel (AIPAC too) and the Saudis are seeking our missile justice on Assad.  Iran is part of the equation. 

Our dilemma is that we cannot know the consequences, short term or long term.  Chickens are always far down the way waiting to come to roost in retaliation for actions another generation of Americans will have forgotten.  The rebel forces already resent our hesitation, but what their feelings will be if an errant missile kills their kin is another matter.  Reagan left Lebanon with some salvos from battleships; perhaps we can escape this situation with similar scenarios. I am happy I don’t have to make this decision.  God Bless our President and our representatives as they decide.