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November 25, 2010

Tom DeLay gets some comeuppance. Justice is served.

Russia not ready

November 9, 2010

Russia’s not ready to claim a secure place among democratic nations until it shows it will not tolerate the violence against journalists that has raised any ugly presence the past couple days. The abhorrent behavior must be investigated by the authorities and punished severely to show that a free press is a treasure. Business & political corruption are  present in the U.S. too and in many corners of the world, but a press that can expose and freely discuss the corruption is essential.

just say no

November 4, 2010

So Mitch McConnell’s first announcement is not let’s work to salvage the economy, or let’s work together to help the electorate — NO, it’s let’s play obstructive politics. How astute (not); how statesman like (not).

Bracing for gridlock

November 3, 2010

The election results, especially in my county, were disappointing and alarming. Even locally candidates were running against Barack Obama. I think the FOX propaganda that somehow he was responsible for the economic and military mess he inherited was accepted by the Dixiecrats aka GOP and way too many Independents. Racism has played a role.
On the national stage I believe many Progressives were astonished that with a 60 percent edge in the Senate more advancements weren’t made. The Blue Dog interference just wasn’t factored into the Hope & Change ambitions. The result was impassivity in 2010.
And, after a generation of people using visceral hateful rhetoric under the guise of “Christian family values” I am sick of the so called culture wars. I don’t recognize the screw-the-poor and show-no-mercy Jesus these people seem to proclaim.