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September 28, 2010

The old phrase is “majority rules” but if the majority are suckers for the big money ads and the visceral appeals to low bigotry then what do we face? The current state of our nation is discouraging. Rewriting history textbooks to ignore the atrocities against Native-Americans, to lessen the aura of Jefferson, to slight the labor champions like César Chávez is heresy indeed to me. Truth must not be hidden. Right must not be trodden under by might.


September 7, 2010

There is talk that the GOP, if in legislative control after the 2010 elections, will try to repeal Accessible Healthcare. This will invite veto from the President countered by denial of funding for the government in general. The naysayers seem determined to take us (the USA) to Dickensian conditions. Will they bring back the coverage gap in the Medicare prescription drug benefit, which the current plan gradually closes? Will they put the escalating insurance controlled inflation in health costs on the backs of future generations? Will they deny CHIPS so that our nation falls into the third-world category of infant health? Maybe a victory for the GOP will exhibit their sinister goals enough to ensure a return to sanity by 2012; but with the national mindset being a bought-and-paid-for brainwashing by the Murdoch media, maybe not.

Manchin v Raese

September 6, 2010

In the West Virginia Senate race to fill the seat of the late Robert C. Byrd, the Republican Raese is running against the President, playing on biases and fears. He keeps calling Manchin a certain “rubber-stamp” to Obama. John Raese is a wealthy publisher who harps on “ObamaCare” and appeals to the Tea Party and their ilk.
Manchin is often called “popular” partly because he has toed a rather conservative stance and champions the coal industry. Perhaps Manchin should counter Raese as wanting to return the USA and West Virginia to the catastrophic Chaney/Bush policies, bankrupting the nation in blood & treasure.
Either man – WV will miss the clout of Robert C. Byrd.