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Bill Sparkman

September 27, 2009

United States census worker Bill Sparkman had a reputation as a survivor, having beaten cancer. He was an active volunteer in youth work such as the Boy Scouts and his son’s school projects. But he was found dead, hanging in the woods with the word FED scribbled on his body. Whatever the motives for his murder it is a horrendous crime and needs pursued with vigor by the agencies concerned. Some suggest it is the result of anti-government rhetoric by the extreme conservatives. Some say drug farmers may have been taken by surprise. In any event Clay County Kentucky is under scrutiny.

valuable voice

September 15, 2009

In my opinion former President Jimmy Carter is a valuable voice in our chaotic times. He has just spoken out on the polarization of politics and his suspicion that race is a factor in the vitriol against our current President.  As a cartoon wag named Pogo once said “we have met the enemy & he is us”. We have less to fear from Islamic extremists abroad than we do from our own manic extremists. George W. Bush spent eight years leading us into war in the wrong spots and bankrupting the country in blood & treasure. Now after a few months all the ills of America are Barack Obama’s fault? This is inanity; and the incivility of the Joe Wilsons and the Teabaggers is beyond belief.   The Birthers and the rich bitchers need to get real.

freedom suppressed in Iran

September 11, 2009

We see from the recent Khamenei speech that democracy is indeed taboo in Iran. Staff of both Mehdi Karroubi & Mir Hussein Moussavi have been either arrested or harassed. More stringent action are now threatened. The eyes of the world must be kept focused on Iran and its abusiveness of its own citizenry. We must however be careful not to elicit actions that would bring disaster as we did upon the Shia of Iraq in the early ’90s when we encouraged revolt and then provided no assistance.

that is so Hitler

September 8, 2009

Our President is so awful. He told our children to stay in school and pay attention to their lessons. He told them to work hard to learn. He spoke eloquently. He is a dangerous man. He is evil. He may be on our money someday and we wouldn’t want our little ones to remember seeing the real guy on TV when they were young. How scary. Bad, bad man. He is a failure, he’s had eight months to pull our country out of a toilet hole it took eight years to dive down in, and he hasn’t saved us yet.

Wrong move

September 4, 2009

Netanyahu’s decision to issue new building permits and resume expansion of West Bank settlements by Israel is in defiance of U.S. advice. It is another example of Israeli lack of appreciation for the enormous financial and political support it has had for decades from the U.S. While much of the U.S. populace may be unaware of the blatant abuses by the Israelis in their treatment of non-Jewish residents & citizens, unaware of the terrorism that established their nation, and unaware of their arrogant spying and attacks (i.e. USS Liberty) on the U.S., we need a reality check. Most of the world recognizes we have been less than evenhanded in Middle-Eastern policy. It is time the U.S. Congress “put its foot down” and demanded cooperation. We erred long ago with a blind eye to Kristallnacht and we err again with a blind eye to the treatment of Palestinian refugees. Wrongs don’t right wrongs.

Faces of Death

September 4, 2009

I have led a sheltered life. I have never been in the military except mandatory ROTC. I avoid horror movies. I’ve never been a hunter. But I support showing the bloodshed of war more publicly. A family who has suffered loss is a concern, but making the obscenities of war clear to our people is also a concern. It is my understanding that U.S. journalism, both in terms of nudity/sex and in terms of bloodshed and news realities, has long been sanitized compared to i.e. the European press. Perhaps we would be less inclined to support a falsely premised war in Iraq or a dictatorship in Central America if we saw the consequences clearly, graphically & indeed horrendously.

Fascists & their facades

September 1, 2009

Ned Ryun’s New Hitler Youth program and its ilk are fanning the flames of fanaticism by telling people to keep their kids home from public schools on September 8 because of a televised address by the President being promoted through the Department of Education. If it were Reagan or Bush they’d be encouraging it, but because it is a positive Progressive Obama, naaah. The twisted bigots are hard at work trying to blame our new president for a mess W took eight years to create.