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June 26, 2009

“The great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart.”    Mencius

blog name

June 23, 2009

I rather liked leaving my blog name slightly obscure. I figured it was one of those “if you don’t get it, then you don’t get it” things. But some have suggested I explain. It is in reference to scriptures in Matthew 7:4-5 and in Luke 6:41-42. One is advised to avoid judging others. Being judgmental is an insidious sin.
One should maximize their concern over their own transgressions and minimize their observance of others faults (this from observations by the Rev. Gregory Boyd). So choosing this blog name was a way of reminding myself to be careful in my criticism and also my admission that my opinions are just that, my opinions. Hard as it may be to visualize washing my adversary’s feet, that is what I must contemplate, as we are all part of the great Creation.


June 22, 2009

As if a martyr was needed – Neda Soltani’s death by Basiji sniper has become the symbol of brutality in Iran. This beautiful and vibrant woman must be remembered by all who love freedom. The convincing I needed to make me say we must vociferously condemn the regime in Iran has been provided most horrifically.

lessons not learned

June 21, 2009

I keep seeing headlines such as “Republicans Press Obama on Iran” to the effect that we should get more involved in support of the reformers. Maybe they’re pushing him to screw up so they can criticize even more. Our history of interference is part of why we have such a rocky relationship. It is painful to watch the Basij wreck their wrath on the freedom seeking masses, but we must be careful. Perhaps we should send Oliver North to be our sacrifice on their altar of Great Satanism. He could bake a cake.

Shangri La; ha

June 14, 2009

Netanyahu’s speech saying he is willing to accept a disarmed Palestinian state is a set up for failed negotiations. No sovereign Palestinian state will agree to be disarmed beside an atomic bomb wielding Israel. As Israel exists now as a constitution-less Jewish State, this will be even more of an excuse to purge all but its brand from the Holy Lands sacred to many Faiths. It is like suggesting a Palestinian community of perpetually youthful citizens in a hidden valley in Tibet. It is fantasy. The fratricide continues as the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac struggle to share the water and the fruits of the accursed land.

youth will recall

June 13, 2009

It would appear the Iranian election has been manipulated by Ahmadinejad and his agents. This portends great unrest, to which the U.S. must be careful not to appear too encouraging. Still we can find consolation that the young generation of Iran is ready for dialogue and cooperation with us. The future will bring change, partly because they will remember the oppression. Just as in 1979 the memories of CIA manipulation and the Shah’s police were intense, now the future leaders of Iran are the rebellious and discomfited youths. The world needs mainly to ensure that they do not become an abducted and executed generation. What happens to Mir Hossein Mousavi in the next days and weeks may portend whether Iran sinks into greater tyranny or wends its way to peace and progress.


June 12, 2009

I think the wackos will warp the GOP into oblivion. The party of Lincoln was consumed by the Dixiecrat parasites back in the Nixon/Reagan Southern strategy era. Now it’s the Birthers and other conspiracy crazies who will help convince mainstream Americans how really inane the leaderless party has become (it was once my party so I’ll cry out if I want to). I have seen Barack Hussein Obama II’s birth certificate (Rachel Maddow had it on her show tonight).
Actually much of my life I carefully kept my original birth certificate, with my little footsie prints on it and the doctors signature. When I applied for a Passport a few years ago that wasn’t adequate. I had to apply (with all sorts of fees of course) for a modernized certified certificate (looking like Barack’s).
Rave on Limbaugh.

von Brunn  being a Birther will help expose this idiocy, too.


June 8, 2009

It seems North Korea has confirmed that it is THE AXIS OF EVIL by sentencing Laura Ling and Euna Lee to twelve years of labor. Their interest in being a part of the civilized world is nada.

Balancing Act

June 8, 2009

Like John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt I know that by speaking my mind and speaking the truth I will be vilified. I grew up with the Holocaust victims/Sal Mineo Exodus imagery. I have seen and been aghast at the British films of just liberated concentration camps in conquered Germany. I am a Christian versed in the Old Testament stories. I have visited a synagogue but never been in a mosque.
Until my mid-twenties I was totally oriented in my sympathies to Israel and the Jewish people. The pogroms in Russia, Anne Frank’s diary, Corrie tenBoom’s story were all part of my indoctrinations. But after the traumas of the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War I began to investigate the plight of the Palestinian refugees.
More and more I discovered that the U.S. public was wearing blinders and our Congress nearly subservient to the AIPAC lobby. I learned the story of the U.S.S. Liberty. My reading list expanded as I supported AMEU (Americans for Middle Eastern Understanding) and read their literature.
Recently I’ve read The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by Mearsheimer & Walt. I’ve been enlightened by Sari Nusseibeh’s Once Upon a Country and I’ve found myself fascinated by Joel Kovel’s Overcoming Zionism. I’ve come to realize that the Zionists and their agenda are not the same as Jewish justice & heritage. We have Muslim extremists partly because we have Zionist Zealots. I was prompted to begin this posting by observing a YouTube clip titled Israel-Drunk Teenagers in Jerusalem.
The drunken teens were infuriated at Obama’s visit to Cairo and his reaching out to the Islamic world. Balance in U.S. policy is not something to which they’re accustomed. We’re supposed to tolerate & cover up an attack on our ship during the Six Day War which seems to have been an effort to hide Israeli army atrocities in the Sinai (see James Bamford’s Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultr-secret National Security Agency / chapter seven titled Blood). We provide weapons, we finance their military, we blink away their spies in D.C. We remain ignorant of the arrogant bias against Palestinians or indeed any gentile as sub-human. Why would we be upset that a tank driver smashed Rachel Corrie to death? Why would we care that Israel has no constitution yet masks itself as the only real democracy in the Middle East?
Personally I (and indeed many peace seeking Israelis) believe Israel’s long term interests are ill served by their roadblocks and walls and destruction of Muslim homes for Jewish apartment complexes and other persecutions. Just as the Bush administration won no hearts and minds with a unilateral death & destruction approach called shock and awe, Israel must end the perpetual feud. The world knew the injustice of displacement and destruction as Zionist terrorists physically wiped out villages of Palestinians and made every effort to wipe them from history. U.N. ambassadors were assassinated and British hotels bombed by the various units of the Haganah.
Yehoshua Zettler, who just died, committed crimes. John Demjanjuk in old age is brought to justice. Two opposite sides of an era. If we are to walk humbly and seek mercy and justice, then we must consider all sides of the coin (makes me think of some right wing U.S. groups recently ranting about elimination of “In God We Trust” from coins, when in fact the phrase could be found on the rim of the newly minted coins embracing the sparkling worldly wealth).
Barack Obama is seeking a balance, a path to peace, justice for both sides of an old rivalry. So he is addressed with racist epithets by the drunken kids in Jerusalem (YouTube item I referred to). Yes there are the wrong minded Muslims like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Osama BinLaden and the suicide bombers, but we must still seek to resolve the worlds’ dilemmas by a dialogue, by diplomacy, by compromise and by seeking peace minded persons across the borders and barricades. Covering up history and facts will not help, but clinging to vengeful policies will not bring peace or justice, just more pain and misery. Both Avigdor Lieberman and Ahmadinejad are wrongfully directed.
The road ahead is long and difficult. May peace be our destiny.